Tractor Tom

SEAN ATKINS Norwich Theatre Royal


Norwich Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal underlined its reputation for attracting the big names with this visit by children's favourite Tractor Tom - star of CITV.

Farmer Fi and Matt were the only human members of the cast while ducks, sheep and a dog also feature. But talking Tractor Tom is the real star of the show - and how encouraging it is that an item of farm machinery should provide such entertainment for children in Norfolk.

The story moves swiftly from tidying up the farm to a bit of fun with pirates and then a happy conclusion.

Our three-year-old Esther knew what it was all about - joining in the songs, performing the actions and declaring the 'silly bits' to be her favourite part of the show.

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But I can report that, after 90 minutes of fun, a devoted Tractor Tom fan went home tired but happy. And so did his daughter.