Tony Hawks

ALISON CROOSE Guildhall of St George, King's Lynn (King's Lynn Festival)


Guildhall of St George, King's Lynn (King's Lynn Festival)

The television and radio comedian enhanced his reputation as a natural wit at a thoroughly entertaining evening.

His visit was billed to feature his latest book, A Piano in the Pyrenees, but he also revealed the background to earlier books which resulted from rash, alcohol-induced bets made at dinner parties.

Before giving an amusing account of how he came to write his first book, Round Ireland with a Fridge, Hawks bonded with the audience by ascertaining how far they had travelled to see him - and was delighted to discover someone from Oregon, USA, in the audience.

Dressed for the heat-wave in T-shirt

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and shorts, Hawks gave a hilarious

account of his surreal experiences in Ireland. Several bets and books later he wrote about his purchase, on a whim, of a house in the Pyrenees especially for his piano.

The realisation of his dream of playing his piano in a house with a wonderful view gave him the chance to demonstrate his talents as a musician and singer.

When the show took the form of “an audience with” BBC Radio Norfolk's Tony Mallion elicited more comic moments from this very funny man.

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