There Goes The Bride

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

A farce is a light-hearted comedy of errors, but There Goes The Bride is more than light-hearted - it's a laugh a minute.

Damien Williams stars as Timothy Westoby, a harassed advertising executive who hits his head on the morning of his daughter's society wedding.

He awakens to find himself in the company of Polly Perkins, a 1920s Flapper girl straight out of his current advertising campaign. His bewildered family and friends cannot see her and, as the wedding day disintegrates around them, they have to get Timothy back to reality before the wedding is abandoned.

The strong cast includes Julie Fox playing Ursula Westoby, to perfection, and Sophie Leigh giving a superb performance as Flapper Polly. Derek Wright as Ursula's father, the loveable, slightly dotty Doctor Drummond, was wonderful.

Andrew Colley as Charles Babcock, the future in-law, brought the house down as he and Damien battled with a soda siphon.

Forget the television; this chaotic, hilarious and brilliantly written play is too good to miss.

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t Continues until October 13

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