The Wind in the Willows

Pavilion Theatre, Gorleston

Pavilion Theatre, Gorleston

In this charming production, the audience was transported to the riverbank.

This was an inspired choice, for the principal roles are ideally suited to the senior members of the company while the juniors are captivating as rabbits, hedgehogs, mice and squirrels.

The opening, with Ratty in his boat rowing along the river was an overture to the delights to come.

Mole's joy at spending a day on the water reflects the happiness which permeates the whole production. Similarly Toad's enthusiasm for the life on the road expressed by his passion for his splendid motor car symbolises the true spirit of the motoring enthusiast.

James Bernthal played Toad with poise and panache and kept everyone guessing when he escaped from prison disguised as a washer woman. Ratty was well acted by Rickie Peake while Charles Carter played a loveable Mole befriended by Badger (Jamie Morgan).

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The court scene was most convincing with Jenny Poole presiding as judge.

This is an excellent production and all members of Dusmagrik deserve the highest praise.

t The production runs until Saturday, April 8.

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