The big questions we have after episode one of The Split, series two

The Split has returned for a second series. Will Hannah's (Nicola Walker) affair with Christie (Barr

The Split has returned for a second series. Will Hannah's (Nicola Walker) affair with Christie (Barry Atsma) be discovered by Nathan (Stephen Mangan)? Picture: BBC/Sister Pictures/Alex Telfer/Matt Burlem - Credit: BBC/Sister Pictures/Alex Telfer/Matt Burlem

The Defoe family is back in Abi Morgan's addictive series The Split on BBC1. Here are all the questions we have after episode one.

Donna Air plays Hannah's new high profile client Fi, who is planning to divorce her husand Richie (B

Donna Air plays Hannah's new high profile client Fi, who is planning to divorce her husand Richie (Ben Bailey Smith). Picture: BBC/Sister Pictures/Hal Shinnie - Credit: BBC/Sister Pictures

Warning: contains spoilers. Do not read on if you haven't watched episode one, series two of The Split.

We rejoin the Defoe family for series two of The Split as they gather to scatter Oscar's ashes.

Several months on from where series one ended, lawyers Hannah Stern (Nicola Walker), middle sister Nina (Annabel Scholey) and their mother Ruth (Deborah Findlay) are back working together at the newly-merged law firm Noble Hale Defoe.

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A high flying divorce lawyer by day (and often well into the night), Hannah's personal life is in about as much turmoil as that of her clients. She and husband Nathan (Stephen Mangan) are holding the family together after his affair - now Hannah's the one leading a double life after rekindling things with old flame Christie (Barry Atsma).

Nina, meanwhile, is crumbling after the departure of her stand-up comedian beau, but putting a brave face on things.

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And youngest sister Rose (Fiona Button) is back from honeymoon with James (Rudi Dharmalingam) and they're keen to start a family as soon as possible.

On the work front, Zander (Chukwudi Iwuji) is back from the Chicago office with management consultant Tyler (Damien Molony) in tow. Tyler has been hired to do a review at the office - and also happens to be Zander's new fiance.

And Hannah looks as though she's about to get a new celebrity client - Fi Hansen, a TV star who is plotting to escape her controlling and, judging by the contents of their pre-nup, totally charmless, husband Richie (Ben Bailey Smith), who, cliché alert, has been carrying on with the nanny.

Melodramatic, glossy and totally addictive, The Split is the very definition of a guilty pleasure - the televisual equivalent of a box of Lindor. Now we know the full series two box set is already available on BBC iPlayer, can we resist the temptation to greedily devour it all in one go?

Here are the two big questions we have after episode one:

How long will it be until Hannah and Christie's affair is uncovered? You don't have to be Endeavour Morse (or your preferred television sleuth) to see that the evidence is already stacking up. Will the giveaway be their ill-advised tryst at the office? Just how much did junior solicitor Maggie (Ellora Torchia) witness? Or will Hannah be caught out by telling Nathan she was going for a swim, when, dur dur durrrr, her cossie was on the radiator at home? Our money's on Christie's souvenir clog keyring having something to do with it.

And when is Anna Chancellor going to turn up? So brilliant as Lix Storm in Abi Morgan's previous (and much missed) series The Hour, we hear she's joining the cast of The Split at some point this series. This cannot happen soon enough.

The Spilt is on BBC1 at 9pm on Tuesdays. The whole of series one and two are also available on BBC iPlayer now.

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