The Selfish Giant

Norwich Puppet Theatre

Norwich Puppet Theatre

Have you heard of the giant who was so selfish that he would not allow children into his beautiful garden? No? Then keep an eye out for this enchanting little show.

The fable was told through visual play rather than traditional puppetry and some of the characters were actually depicted through old- fashioned film.

White drapes surrounded the playing area and were lit from behind to reveal shadowy giants. Characterisation was terrific. And so, for that matter, was the harp (Brian Davis).

On the opening night, there were one or two places where I felt the narrative took rather too sudden a leap, and I found myself wondering whether this was a little dark.

Mind you, I'm much less resilient than the under-fives! And for sheer quality of performance, this new show by artistic director Luis Z Boy will surely grow to be a favourite.