The Royal Norfolk Show 2017: Equine timetables

Showjumping at last year's show. Picture: Ian Burt

Showjumping at last year's show. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

It's your chance to see Horse of the Year Show qualifiers – and the Queen's horses.

The show offers a superb spectacle of horses competing in a range of classes. The show will be hosting 31 Horse of the Year Show qualifier events, and there will be more than 200 classes across all categories and over 1,600 horses will be competing in any of our six competition rings.

Amateur and professional riders will be competing for a range of qualifiers and prizes – and the Queen's horses will be competing too! Her horses Tower Bridge, Sparkler, Donation and Lancer are all being ridden by Katie Jerram.

In the Grand Ring, look out for top-level showjumping, exciting scurry driving and heavy horse turnouts from all four heavy breeds. Percheron, Clydesdale, Suffolk and Shire.

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Horse Ring Timetables

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•Light Horse Ring (Wednesday)

07.30 Skewbald & Piebald

To follow Skewbald & Piebald

12.15 Showjumping - 1.25m

Open - Emma Easton Memorial

To follow Showjumping - HOYS Grade C Championship

To follow Showjumping – Senior Foxhunter

•Light Horse Ring (Thursday)

07.30 Hunter - Ridden

10.30 Hunter - Working

12.00 Hunter - Working

13.15 Retraining of Racehorses - Jump Challenge

14.45 Retraining of Racehorses - Showing

16.00 Cuddy Supreme In Hand Championship

To follow Stuart Group Supreme In Hand Championship

•Waveney Ring (Wednesday)

07.45 Arabs In Hand

To follow Arabs Ridden

13.00 Veteran Horses In Hand

To follow Veteran Horses Ridden

•Waveney Ring (Thursday)

07.30 M & M - In Hand - Non-Welsh

10.30 Partbred Pony

12.00 Foreign & Rare Native Breeds

13.30 M & M - First Ridden & Lead Rein

•Wensum Ring (Wednesday)

07.30 Ridden Heavy Horse (HOYS)

09.15 Private Driving & Country

12.00 Riding Horses

13.15 Concours D'elegance

To follow Private Driving – Trade, Vintage & Whip, Exercise & Donkey

To follow Private Driving – Championships

16.00 Irish Draught

To follow Irish Draught

•Wensum Ring (Thursday)

07.30 M & M - Ridden - Welsh A & B

07.30 M & M - In Hand - Welsh C & D

09.30 M & M - NEW Junior Ridden

10.45 M & M - Ridden - Welsh C & D

10.45 M & M - In Hand - Welsh A & B

13.30 M & M - Ridden - Non-Welsh

13.45 M & M - In Hand - M & M Medal

14.15 Hunter - Small

To follow Hunter - Ladies Sidesaddle

16.30 M & M - Ridden Medal

17.00 RNAA Supreme Ridden Championship

•Glaven Ring (Wednesday)

08.00 Hunter In Hand

09.45 Show Horse In Hand

12.00 Riding Ponies In Hand

13.45 Hacks & Riding Horses In Hand

15.30 Show Hunter Ponies In Hand

•Glaven Ring (Thursday)

08.00 M & M In Hand Shetland

11.00 Donkeys In Hand

•Ivan Cooke Ring (Wednesday)

07.30 Haflingers

To follow Haflingers

09.00 Shire Heavy Horses

To follow Shire Best Foot

To follow Shire Young Handler

13.15 Heavy Horse In Harness

14.00 Sport Horse

•Ivan Cooke ring (Thursday)

07.30 Ridden Heavy Horse

08.30 Percheron Heavy Horses

To follow Percheron Best Foot

To follow Percheron Young Handler

08.30 Suffolk Heavy Horses

To follow Suffolk & Percheron Stallions

To follow Suffolk Best Foot

To follow Suffolk Young Handler

10.15 Clydesdale Heavy Horses

To follow Clydesdale Best Foot

To follow Clydesdale Young Handler

12.15 Heavy Horse In Harness - Suffolk, Percheron & Clydesdale

12.45 Heavy Horse Implements

13.45 Rescue Horses

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