The King's Singers

MICHAEL DRAKE Salvation Army Citadel, Norwich


Salvation Army Citadel, Norwich

Time flies where there is enjoyment and this wonderfully entertaining group has given that in abundance over nearly 40 years.

In 1968 theirs was a fresh approach to singing as they mixed Renaissance music with modern, close harmony with humour and on Saturday evening, what is really the third generation of these a cappella singers, continued their tradition as they helped the Salvation Army celebrate 125 years in Norwich.

Starting with folk songs in a measured trip around the British Isles, their precision was as remarkable as ever with many seemingly effortless key changes. Their affinity with the Salvation Army came in a group of songs and, as always, each voice could be identified but never at the expense of a finely balanced ensemble.

The splendid Norwich Citadel Band, conducted by Douglas Beattie, joined in the celebrations with some rousing pieces, while assistant bandmaster Richard Woodrow showed what an accomplished virtuoso cornetist he is.

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Another highlight was the humour and vocal skill in close harmony arrangements which included Old MacDonald's Farm - in Italian!

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