The Illegal Eagles review: expert musicians with spectacular voices

The Illegal Eagles performing at Marina Theatre in Lowestoft. Picture: Danielle Booden

The Illegal Eagles performing at Marina Theatre in Lowestoft. Picture: Danielle Booden - Credit: Danielle Booden

Leading Eagles tribute band The Illegal Eagles brought their phenomenal show to the Marina Theatre in Lowestoft last night to treat music lovers to a spectacular evening.

Despite the majority of The Eagles' career taking place quite a bit before my time, I have been familiar with some of their music for a while thanks to my parents and my own love of quality music.

You'd be hard pressed finding someone who hasn't heard at least one Eagles song - which is understandable as their music was and still is loved by so many.

With such an extensive back catalogue of music, it's easy to see why many tribute bands have arisen to bring life to their songs once again. The Illegal Eagles have done just this and are currently at the top of their game following a number of critically acclaimed UK and European tours.

They have established themselves as not only the ultimate tribute to The Eagles, but as one of the foremost authentic and talented tribute shows in the world.

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The band is made up of Gregg Webb on vocals and guitars, Tony Kiley on drums and tuned percussion, Christian Phillips on vocals and guitars, Mike Baker on vocals, piano and guitars and Garreth Hicklin on vocals, piano and guitars. Together they have created something incredibly special that has been wowing Eagles fans all over Europe.

Garreth's and Greg's ability to capture the emotion of Don Henley's voice is uncanny. Each and every one of them has a spectacular voice, holding their own during their solo vocal moments and together creating some of the most exquisite harmonies that I've ever heard.

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The show was spectacularly shaped to allow each member to step forward and have their time to lead, whether that be via their instrument or their voice, as they were highlighted by a beaming spotlight.

It's clear to see that they have all worked hard to be at the top of their game both on their respective instruments and together as a band. It was fascinating to see them all hopping between guitars, drums and the piano, never hitting a duff note and playing each with expert ability.

Despite having already performed around 140 shows this year, The Illegal Eagles still delivered a quality evening with the levels of enthusiasm and energy you would expect from the start of their tour. This really pays testament to them all as individuals and truly highlights their showmanship and professionalism.

From the chat between songs, you could really tell how humble they all are and how much fun they have getting to go out on stages all across the world doing something they love.

If you're looking for a fun, quality night out then I cannot recommend enough that you head along to one of their shows.

- If you want to see the Illegal Eagles, they will be playing at The Waterfront in Norwich on March 15, 20202

- Tickets are available for £25.50 from the UEA Ticket Bookings website

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