The Edge of Darkness

KEITH CUTLER Dreamstone Productions at Caister Hall


This Caister based-company – the nucleus of the former St George's Players – performed an Edwardian thriller by Brian Clemens.

Set in a remote clifftop house in the early 1900's, it describes Max and Laura Cranwell have just recovered their 24-year-old amnesiac daughter, Emma who disappeared three years previously.

While initially appearing a devoted couple delighted by the return of their only daughter, as the play develops their relations become strained, while Emma is still mentally disturbed.

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All three are observed by housemaid Penny, who provides the only humour in the drama, in a perky performance by Toni Penson; and new male servant Hardy, who displays undue interest in the family background.

Intriguing questions arise and the impending air of suspense is compounded by the subsequent appearance of a Russian émigré, Livago.

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The small stage lends an essential claustrophobic atmosphere and Steve Johnson provides an impressive set. Norman Johnson and Maria Myers exactly portray the complex relationship of Max and Laura and Helen Broom the torn emotions of Emma. Mark Gracey is perhaps a trifle glib as Hardy and Don Edwards are adequate as Livago.

The production is expertly directed by Betty Burndred.

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