The Edge of Darkness

Bramrocks Drama Group at Margaret Mack Hall, Rockland St Mary

Setting the scene for a mystery is a delicate business, but the Bramrocks picked the perfect venue in Margaret Mack Hall, one of those old-fashioned church halls with an isolated air.

As I sat back and the lights went slowly down, the sound of waves crashed over us in the dark, and a shiver ran down my spine.

The tale was full of twists and turns and it was no surprise to find that playwright Brian Clemens used to write the television hit Tales of the Unexpected. Edwardian intrigue unfolded swiftly as the maid, energetically played by Hilary Franzen, spilled the beans to butler Mark Benfield. It transpired that Emma (Alexandra Evans), the daughter of the house, had disappeared three years before, but had now been found in such a state of shock that it was impossible for her to remember anything at all – even her family.

But clues to her past came thick and fast – and in many unexpected shapes. A portrait over the mantlepiece, a gory article in a newspaper, a cake knife… all of these had the power to stir the sleeping memory, and some even sent the poor girl swooning away. The whole evening had the bustle and importance of a really good night out at a village theatre. My only regret is that I didn't win the raffle!

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