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It's all aboard the Jolly Roger for a swashbuckling tale of pirates, ghost ships and treasure – all in the unique comedy style of the TV children's favourites, The Chuckle Brothers.

The duo – who have been entertaining youngsters since the late 1980s, with their 17th series of Chucklevision now showing on TV – are probably at their best doing a live show.

Barry and Paul make it all look like one big slapstick show but these are true professionals, hugely gifted in the art of comedy.

Their timing is perfect and they are adept at the ad-lib, both on occasions trying to trip up the other one – or put off another member of the cast by diversifying from the script for the fun of it. And, only someone who is really at home on the stage and confident of his capabilities can do this.

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I was hugely surprised by just how funny they were and the show also offers some great scenes for children, with a great pirate ship set, an energetic acrobatic routine and an underwater sequence.

But the best parts are the stand-up routines from the duo who give us good, old-fashioned humour. And after the show, the Chuckle Brothers ensure everyone gets an autograph, showing their true dedication to their fans.

Caroline Culot

t The show is on at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on June 4 and the King's Lynn Corn Exchange on June 18.

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