Review: The Christmasaurus - a heart-warming festive tale about loneliness, friendship and dinosaurs

Belonging, loneliness, and over coming adversity in the face of disability is explored with humour and sensitivity in debut novel by musician Tom Fletcher.

The Christmasaurus is the debut novel by Tom Fletcher, better known as guitarist in pop band McFly. He has written children books ‘The Dinosaur that pooped’ series, with band mate Dougie Poynter, but this is Fletcher’s first solo, novel.

Written for a younger audience, but enjoyed by all, “This story starts, like all good stories, a long time ago. Not just a long time ago, a very, very, very long time ago. Squillions of years ago, in fact.”

The Christmasaurus follows the adventures of 10 year old, William Trundle, who was left wheelchair bound in an accident when he was younger, and the Christmasaurus, a blue and silver dinosaur who lives in the North Pole with Santa.

The novel opens at the end of dinosaurs and how the Christmasaurus came to be with Santa. It takes you on a journey though a North Pole that you haven’t heard before. Elves with names such as Snozzletrump and Starlump who only talk in rhyme, Santa who has a vinyl-powered sleigh and a magical clocking devise involving candy canes.

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Next we are introduced to dinosaur loving William and his Christmas obsessed dad, Bob and we delve into what live is like for the quirky pair, but all isn’t as it seems. Underneath their happy smiles, hides a desperate loneliness neither want to share with the other.

Fletcher unveils a character so well written that I haven’t felt a dislike for a character since JK Rowling wrote Proffessor Umbridge. Brenda Payne is a columniation of every bully you can imagine and any redeeming qualities seem well hidden, but this is a children’s book so it does end with a happily ever after.

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A second villain is introduced, The Hunter, who has an animal kill list and when he see’s the Christmasaurus, his name goes right to the top. Cue a daring chase, a flight to the North Pole and the exposing of a family secret, this story will have your children on the edge of their beds until the very last page.

Being musically inclined, Tom Fletcher has made a 14 track CD to accompany a special musical edition of the book with indicators of when to play the songs when reading and a sequel ‘The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch’ was announced Friday December 14

The Christmasaurus is out now and can be bought from Waterstones for £6.99.

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