Superhero characters championing girl power are set to join the GoGoHares trail

The superhero-themed GoGoHares Robyn and Barb O'Hare Gordon are revealed.Pictured are Jacqueline Har

The superhero-themed GoGoHares Robyn and Barb O'Hare Gordon are revealed.Pictured are Jacqueline Harris and Diane Harper, from Contract Personnel, Martin Green, from Break, artist Hilary Sanderson and Neale Grearson and Louis Hilldrup-Boorman, from Clapham and Collinge. Photo: Mark Ivan Benfield - Credit: Mark Ivan Benfield

Two new superhero characters championing girl power have swooped into Norwich ready to take their places on the GoGoHares charity art trail later this month.

The GoGoHares Barb O'Hare Gordon and Robyn have both been designed by artist Hilary Sanderson and they were unveiled at an event at Clapham and Collinge's Norwich office in All Saints Green on Thursday.

Barb O'Hare Gordon - a tribute to the superhero Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl - has been sponsored by Clapham and Collinge meanwhile Robyn - a female take on Batman's famous sidekick - has been sponsored by Contract Personnel.

The two characters will be among 50 GoGoHares dotted around Norwich this summer for a trail celebrating 50 years of children's charity Break.

Jacqueline Harris, from Contract Personnel, said: 'The superhero theme just seemed not only current and fun for the trail, but also stayed on theme with our historical Wonder Woman GoGoDragon, who we still proudly present in our Norwich Contract Personnel office for anyone who wishes to pay her a visit.

'We chose Robyn as a glamorous superhero sidekick of Clapham & Collinge's Batgirl.'

Louis Hilldrup-Boorman, from Clapham and Collinge, said: 'With feminism reaching a new level of public consciousness due to various movements in the media, we are proud to sponsor a powerful, female character during what has been deemed The Year of the Woman.'

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Break has organised the GoGoHares project with Wild in Art and there will also be two more GoGoHares trails - a second city trail of 160 leverets and a county-wide trail of 18 moongazer hares.

Barb O'Hare Gordon, Robyn and all of the other GoGoHares will be celebrated in a GoGoHares sticker book being created by the EDP and Evening News in partnership with Break and East of England Co-op.

The GoGoHares album will cost £5 but people who pre-order it before June 17 will save £1 and pay just £4. To pre-order, visit or call 01603 772138.

Schools or groups wanting to place a bulk order may be eligible for an extra discount - call 01603 772138 or email

For more on GoGoHares, including the trail dates, visit

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