Super Furry Animals

UEA LCR, Norwich

As one of the (surprisingly many) people who are unfamiliar with the Super Furry Animals but feel they should be, I entered their concert last night with only a vague idea that they would be performing slightly eclectic, melodic rock, possibly in Welsh, and that their onstage antics would be quite bizarre and very entertaining.

I was not disappointed. Although there were a few unmemorable songs, in particular the fairly bland, electronic-heavy, opening track, the LCR soon came alive with the anthemic crowd pleaser (Drawing) Rings around the World, and the Furries proceeded to thoroughly entertain both me and the crowd.

The range of musical styles was slightly bewildering, but ensured there were few dull moments, with songs that featured a country-style twang, effects-heavy electronic interludes, chilled-out, almost psychedelic guitars and the odd heavy metal thrash. Tracks like Golden Retriever and Hermann Loves Pauline got the crowd jumping, while the images of warfare that preceded Juxtaposed With You reminded us of the political message prevalent in their new album Phantom Power.

The often amazing music, combined with leek-eating, Power Rangers-style helmet wearing, and images of dancing ninjas, ensured that it was a night I shall remember for a while, and that I can finally hold my head up high as an SFA fan.

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