Stepping Out

Sheringham Little Theatre

This presentation by Cromer and Sheringham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society of Richard Harris' 1984 comedy will show you how much fun tap dancing could be.

The storyline is simple: a motley collection of eight people step out of their routine existence once a week to meet in a grubby church hall. Although most can't seem to “get the steps from the head to the feet”, they somehow transform themselves into the creditable Mavis Turner Tappers for a barnstorming finale.

There is sharp dialogue, cracking one-liners and slapstick comedy as flat-footed dancers brandish hats and canes and crash into each other (no mean feat on this small stage).

Under Claire Reynolds' assured direction, each actor deftly delineates the quirks and foibles of their character's personality and dance style, with memorable comic touches.

They gradually reveal themselves as more complex and the play's humour is counter-poised with some moments of real poignancy. But therein lies a disappointment: as soon as we get close to their inner lives the action switches to the dance performance and not another word is spoken.

So that's the message: life might be a drag, but you can dance away your sorrows. As dance teacher Mavis says: “The biggest buzz is enjoying ourselves.”

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Against the closing backdrop of glitzy razzmatazz, everyone on and off stage was definitely buzzing.