Snow Patrol

UEA LCR, Norwich

Despite the fact it has taken Snow Patrol nearly a decade to become successful it still seems fame has come as a shock to the Scottish-Irish four-piece.

The band misjudged the audience in the sold-out LCR who were expecting songs from the latest album The Final Straw.

Instead they favoured a mix of new and old, playing tracks from the relatively unheard of 2001 album When Its All Over We Still Have to Clear up.

Although on stage they are technically good and deliver well they lack the stage presence of a more experienced band.

When heckled for playing slow and obscure songs, lead singer Gary Lightbody retaliates: “We are not a band to mosh to, if you had bought our albums you would have known that.”

It seems as if they are a group raging against years of being unnoticed, but what they do play from the new album is good and the crowd receive it well. The singles Run and Spitting Game are big hitters and leave the audience on a high note.

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Snow Patrol are certainly making their mark on the indie scene. Many of their concerts have been upgraded, including the Waterfront to the UEA LCR.

Their future looks promising and they are soon to jet off on a tour of the US.

They may once have been called Polar Bears but Snow Patrol have certainly not been left out in the cold.