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MICHAEL DRAKE Ferry Inn, Reedham


> Ferry Inn, Reedham

This is the continuing saga of that good ol' Narfolk Gal, Ma Storm.

For those who missed last year's episode, Billy Nudd made off with Snap, the local medieval carnival dragon, leaving the smuggler/landlady heroine in no-man's land.

Writer and director Eve Stebbing has set the second act in Nowhere - that's the one near Acle - and last evening a crowd filled the bank overlooking Reedham Ferry Inn in the lee of the river and reeds.

There may have been a lot of squit (trans: nonsense) but it is based on country anecdotes cantering on the capture of Billy Nudd either by Ma Storm or the policeman, interwoven with the lurking threat of Snap and Valentine's shenanigans.

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The cast was the same as for last year's Part One and Beth Lewie, Sadie McMahon and Peter Stickney (plus Bernard the Ferret in training for the Valentine's race) convincingly filled the five character parts, often humorously as they related the tales and action and in the end all was snapped up and out of harm's way.

It was an hour well spent, equally suitable for locals or visitors and the free show continues at various town, county and riverside locations until August 21. Telephone 01603 663676 for details.

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