Thank you, Mum! Second lockdown Mother's Day is poignant for families

Claire Calver and her mum Karen Montgomerie

Claire Calver and her mum Karen Montgomerie in a pre-lockdown photo - Credit: Supplied by Claire Calver

Can you believe it's the second lockdown Mother's Day?

Many people in East Anglia haven't been able to see their mothers for months due to coronavirus restrictions, while some haven't been able to get together for a whole year.

And even if you and Mum live in the same house, you can't take her out for a slap-up meal or a day out this year.

Families are marking the second lockdown Mother's Day this weekend

Families are marking the second lockdown Mother's Day this weekend - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

But lockdown will once again make the day if anything more meaningful, as families take the opportunity to pay tribute to women who have gone the extra mile.

One Suffolk dad, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid spoiling the surprise, has thought of a unique way to honour his wife this year, with some help from their two children.

The dad said: "Like a lot of people, my wife recently lost her job because of the pandemic. It meant having to commit to a massive career change - and retraining remotely, while raising two kids and running a household, is on another level.

"Throughout it all she's been an absolute star, so our kids and I decided to literally have a star named after her. We contacted the Star Name Registry, filled in the paperwork, and there is now a star in the Pegasus constellation named after her."

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Many other people have sent special cards or gifts - and will be chatting to their mothers via phone or video call, something most of us have become experts in over the past 12 months.

The "stay at home" order is currently still in place, but, for the first time in months, people can go to parks for recreation, not just for exercise, and meet one person from another household.

This means two people can meet in a park for a coffee, offering a way for some mums to meet their son or daughter even if they are not in the same household.

However, the message is still to be very cautious. Elizabeth Cates, who lives in Norfolk, said via Twitter: "We will be ordering a picnic afternoon tea from a local women/mother-owned business and visit Burgh Castle ruins, which is close to us.

"Keep it intimate, and don't make a fuss just because we are given a bit of freedom."

People from the area have been sending special messages and telling why their mums mean so much to them.

George Chittock Nash and her mum Annie

George Chittock Nash and her mum Annie - Credit: Supplied by George Chittock Nash

George Chittock-Nash, of One Sixth Form College in Ipswich, said of her mum, Annie Chittock: “I love my mum because she is the most selfless person in the world and, despite going through cancer, watching her son adapt to life as a teenager; having been paralysed in an accident and working full time our entire lives, she has been there every minute of every day for my entire life.

"She now looks after all her grandchildren, showering them with love and giving them the unconditional support that she gave us. She is absolutely the lioness protecting her tribe and was a role model to me, showing me that you could forge a career and build a family, at the same time, without compromising anything and in doing so, raise me to believe I could achieve anything.”

Hannah, Maddie and Joanne Read

Hannah, Maddie and Joanne Read - Credit: Supplied by Maddie Read

Maddie and Hannah Read from Bury, said, “We love our mum, Joanne, for being our biggest supporter - and getting us through anything. She is the best mum in the world - not that we are biased.”

John Nice of Nice PR Ltd, said, “My mum Sally is a wonderful woman. I am so proud of her for always being right by my side throughout my life. I’m sure my brother and sister feel the same. Her dad and my grandfather, Cyril,  was a war hero whose main purpose in life was to put family first and impart knowledge, wisdom and create ongoing warmth and love within his tribe.

Sally and John Nice

John Nice and mum Sally - Credit: Supplied by John Nice

"My goodness how proud he would be, looking down at his ‘little jammy face’, for keeping these values alive. Thank you mum – you are better than the best.”

Sally Nice on her wedding day with her dad Cyril Cutting.

Sally Nice on her wedding day with her dad Cyril Cutting. Sally's son John says she has proved to be a ‘chip off the old block’, displaying credentials akin to her father Cyril. - Credit: Supplied by John Nice

Several people from West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds have paid poignant tributes to their mums on this second lockdown Mother's Day. Fay Daunt, a business executive for the college, said of her mum, Amanda Paterson : “My mum is always so supportive and brave.

"She has battled and survived cancer, lost both her parents in close proximity to each other and we lost my brother to suicide when he was only 21. I love my mum because she is just beautiful inside and out and she is a pure inspiration.”

Amanda Paterson, mum of Fay Daunt

Amanda Paterson, mum of Fay Daunt - Credit: Supplied by Fay Daunt

Phil Stittle said: “I love my mum, Wendy, for always being there. Always being bright, cheerful and funny. Working so hard to ensure others prosper and for making me who I am today.”

Phil Stittle and mum Wendy 

Phil Stittle and mum Wendy - Credit: Supplied by Phil Stittle

And Sam Parnell, also from West Suffolk College, said of her mum, Jane Shelley: “I’d like to specifically thank my mother for not just being a great mum, but for actively creating a loving and tolerant environment for us all to thrive in.

Sam Parnell and her mum Jane Shelley

Sam Parnell and her mum Jane Shelley - Credit: Supplied by Sam Parnell

"A mother to three and grandmother to four, all Jane ever wants is for us to be happy - and if we share that with her she’s openly joyous. Thank you for everything, we couldn’t ask for more.”

Although it's difficult to get out and about this year, we can share memories of previous Mother's Days and hope that future ones will allow more celebrations.

Adele Wyse and her mum Eileen

Adele Wyse and her mum Eileen at a Cliff Richard concert at Euston Park - Credit: Supplied by Adele Wyse

Adele Wyse, of Suffolk Rural College, said: “My mum has been a lifelong Cliff Richard fan. I remember having a great time with her at a Cliff concert at Euston Park back in June 2017.

"I think it’s been an up-and-down year for everyone, so I’m really looking forward to doing simple things like popping out for lunch with my mum and catching up properly.”

And Claire Calver, of Suffolk New College, and  her brother Andrew Montgomerie paid tribute to their mum, Karen Montgomerie, saying simply: "Cheers mum, happy Mother's Day. Thanks for all you do for us, lots of love."