WATCH: Saturday Sessions with Bradley Buxton for Enjoy Music More

Bradley Buxton. Picture: Supplied by Bradley Buxton

Bradley Buxton. Picture: Supplied by Bradley Buxton - Credit: Supplied by Bradley Buxton

Saturday Sessions with Bradley Buxton for Enjoy Music More.

Artist Name: Bradley Buxton

Date Started: My first gig was at The Stanley on 28th April 2005 and I released my first covers album, The Myths The Masks The Madness, in the same year on my birthday, 2nd December.

Members/Instruments: Bradley Buxton (vocalist , guitar, songwriter)

Achievements: I started singing covers in pubs whilst writing lyrics at home. I did not go to music school or university but I strongly believe that where there is a will there is a way. I released four solo albums before producing my first album (a blues rock album) with Vaughn Jenkins and a band named The Bunch Of B’s. I then formed my second band with BIC and I.F.M and we produced five albums together, the last being in 2015. I have recently released my 17th and 18th studio albums named Blue Eyes and Wagon Wheels 1 & 2 which you can find in most online stores.

Upcoming Gigs: I am now looking to busk around the UK, from Skegness to Scarborough and Newcastle to Liverpool. It brings me so much joy, I am both lucky and grateful and I will only be singing songs I’ve had a hand in producing.

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