Richard Alston Dance Company

Norwich Theatre Royal

Norwich Theatre Royal

There are some evenings that you wish would never end. This was one of them.

The company opened with Alston's The Devil in the Detail: I'm not sure that I have ever seen any purer expression of love than this.

Scott Joplin provided the score and Jason Ridgway was at the piano as successive pairs of dancers skittered across the stage to the syncopated rhythms.

The final piece was Fingerprint to J S Bach's Capriccio and Toccata.

I found this fascinating: as it suddenly occurred to me that, although we had seen solos, here were the true monologues of the evening.

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Like Shakespeare's Hamlet tracing a thought, a single male dancer bent, twisted and thudded out his inner world.

The Capriccio was written by Bach as a goodbye to his brother and phrases of the music had a requiem feel.

We fall in love with the world and we reach out to it, but we all die alone with our unique fingerprint.

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