REVIEW: Y&T’s blistering set was one that only an act at the top of its game could deliver

Rock veterans Y&T

Rock veterans Y&T - Credit: Archant

It's taken them the best part of 45 years to get to Norwich, and perhaps Y&T's presence at the Waterfront is a reminder that this band's days of being high up festival bills are long gone.

But any worries that we're in for a do-it-by-numbers night are quickly dispelled as Dave Meniketti and friends launched into action.

The line-up today is very different from the Y&T that was a huge draw a couple of decades ago, but Meniketti's three bandmates are more than worthy to fill the shoes of their better-known predecessors.

On With the Show followed by Lipstick and Leather start things off nicely, and they are followed by a barrage of classic rock anthems. But despite Y&T's 1980's 'hair-metal' legacy (check out their clichéd video of Contagious for cheesiness), there's a depth to the musicianship here.

An early highlight is ballad Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (unfortunately the only song from 1990 album Ten to get an airing), while Summertime Girls is a reminder of the chart success this lot used to have.

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At times, Y&T are full-on metal, but then the other side of their repertoire emerges, and Don't Bring Me Down is a great slab of foot-tapping blues rock.

It's often tempting to mention the weak spot of a show, if only to remind people that things can always be improved on, but it's hard to find one tonight.

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'The greatest band who never made it,' one punter says.

Maybe saying Y&T didn't make it is stretching things a bit – it's not as if they sank without trace. But the sentiment is right, and though it's unlikely we'll see them in this neck of the woods again anytime soon, check them out if they do come back.

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