Review: Viv Thomas enjoys a tip-top tap show at Norwich Theatre Royal.

A fusion of urban tap dance, percussion, comedy and acrobatics, Tap Factory was a big hit at Norwich

A fusion of urban tap dance, percussion, comedy and acrobatics, Tap Factory was a big hit at Norwich Theatre Royal. Photo: TEC Entertainment/Margot De Heide - Credit: Archant

Yes, this is a tap dance show... but taken to a breathtaking next level says Viv Thomas.

Forget lines of sparkly, top hat and tails-wearing dancers, this show offers something completely different.

There's plenty of nifty footwork on display - not just tap but other dance styles too, all blended with gymnastic and acrobatic elements to produce a totally exhilarating and dynamic show.

Add pulsating rhythms from multiple drums, carefully choreographed light sequences, lots of comedic touches and even a sprinkling of magic - and you've got a show which works for any age in any country.

The all-male dance crew, clad in dungarees, put on an exuberant display of dynamic athleticism, utilising everyday objects such as scaffolding, ladders and chemical containers dotted around the factory set for various set-pieces.

The pace and energy of the performers leaves you breathless. It's endlessly inventive, noisy, fun and totally contemporary.

This high-energy production stems from a collaboration between choreographer Vincent Pausanias, world champion tap dancer Gilles Guenat, and Jérémie Champagne, who was a finalist on the French version of So You Think You Can Dance.

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One of the cast members, Lee Meadows, is no stranger to the Theatre Royal stage, having appeared in several pantomimes in Norwich.

The show's universal appeal is illustrated by the fact that it has now been performed more than 300 times in theatres around the world.

It's simply a tip-top tap show - with a real twist.

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