Review: The Hogwallops in Chapelfield Gardens

Norwich-based Lost in Translation Circus. Photo: Eoin Carey

Norwich-based Lost in Translation Circus. Photo: Eoin Carey - Credit: Eoin Carey

After more than two years touring the UK and Europe, Norwich's own Lost In Translation circus troupe have finally brought their show The Hogwallops to the city – and what a treat we've been missing.

Packed with tightly-choreographed tumbling, clowning, and slapstick shenanigans this is a lip-smackingly entertaining show, with humour running at multiple levels to keep both children and adults amused.

The temporary big top in Chapelfield Gardens was kitted out with an inventive set: clothes lines transform into high-level swings, kitchen appliances get stacked up into elevated stages, and a zimmer frame takes on a central part in a sublime aerial piece.

The action is close and fast with several nail-biting moments as the cast fly through the air or climb ever higher on top of each other; the story is completely bananas (literally in the case of a plot line involving some missing fruit) yet still totally enjoyable.

The temporary stage could have been a little higher to help with visibility during some of the floor work, but that aside this was perfectly pitched frothy family fun.

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