Review: Stacy Makishi

NNF14 [Live] Art Club - Stacy Makishi, The Falsettos

NNF14 [Live] Art Club - Stacy Makishi, The Falsettos - Credit: submitted

You have to take art on its own terms but sometimes art, or in this case Stacy Makishi, makes that difficult.

The Hawaiian performance artist brought her The Falsettos show to Norwich Art Centre's Live Art Club strand as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival with a promise of a 'deftly woven mix of text, movement and stand-up'.

What we got was a series of clips from The Sopranos, some groinal thrusting, and a contrived pay-off about meeting a man in a lift and doing rude things to him with a tin of tuna.

Being absurdist is fine and art sometimes needs to draw from seemingly disparate threads to force us to view the world in different ways: that can be revelatory. It can also be an cheap patina to disguise throwing together a series of genuinely disconnected episodes over the course of an hour.

Perhaps Makishi really does believe that the HBO ident music sounds like her insecurities being gathered up and then pushed out through her menopausal vagina, and I'm just not the right age or gender to empathise. Perhaps she really does dream of Tony from The Sopranos and sees parallels with her own mid-life crisis, and I just didn't get into that TV show enough. Perhaps the show really is 'stunning' as its blurb suggests, and I just missed that the adjective might not necessarily be applied positively.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

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