Review: Forest Fruit, Norwich Puppet Theatre

NNF15 - Forest Fruit.

NNF15 - Forest Fruit. - Credit: submitted

Not so much a forest, more an urban jungle stitched together from canvas and black thread. This incredibly detailed installation for children of all ages could be a backdrop to anybody's dreams.

As you walk in, the space is dark. It takes a moment or two to find your bearings. Strange objects are visible: a rocket flies up and down along a makeshift pulley; a street is animated by a series of cut out characters spinning mid-air; cupboards open to reveal film animations of mythic beasts. It's all beautifully done, and completely interactive – the audience pulls the strings, pushes the buttons and opens the doors on everything in this magical world.

Programme notes compare artist Naomi Kerkhove's work to Hansel and Gretel on the pretext that you follow little 'crumb' paths around the space. But it's really much more random than that (and all the better for it.) This is a place for the imagination to run free.

If everything in the Norfolk and Norwich Festival is as much fun as this, we're in for a great year.

Eve Stebbing

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