REVIEW: Braids open Sunrise Arena

Not only did the crowds gather in Latitude's Faraway Forest to escape this morning's sun but it was also difficult to walk passed the Sunrise Arena without being captivated by this Candian band's indie sounds.

It was a perfect opportunity for festival-goers to ease slowly into the day's events by enjoying the smooth sounds of Braids, lead by vocalist Raphaelle Standell-Presto.

The band successfully carried off a live set with outstanding gusto.

Standell-Preston's quirky, almost eerily sounding voice carried itself well in the depth of the woodland and she impressively hit the vocal falsettos and heights of the songs with ease.

They also had the chance to show off how comfortable they have become in the limelight as they performed effortlessly in front of both longstanding listeners and clearly a wave of newly converted 'Braiders'.

As well as Standell-Preston, the other members are made up of the keyboardist Katie Lee, the guitarist Taylor Smith and the drummer Austin Tufts – all incredibly skilled technicians.

This is a band that oozes an arty feel which is just perfect for the backdrop of Latitude.

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