Review: Arthur Smith

Comedian Arthur Smith

Comedian Arthur Smith - Credit: Archant

An evening with Arthur Smith is like pulling on a slightly tattered but favourite old jumper: warming, reassuring, but about as far from daring as you can get.

Bringing his avuncular style of comedy to a nearly sold out Norwich Playhouse, one might have expected the buzz to have generated some new material but - other than reading out a couple of stories from the EDP, which apparently gave him his first review - this was familiar stuff.

Presented in a drifting and ramshackle style, Smith stumbled between observational comedy, memoirs and bad 'Doctor, doctor' jokes. And the audience loved it. One row of the theatre was taken up with a group of near-retirement professionals celebrating a friend's birthday, another with young bucks barely out of university; the common factors being the both lapped up the show and, it seems, were as well lubricated as you might expect on a Saturday night.

The jokes showed their age - even Smith admitted that a reference to the Marathon chocolate bar was more than 20 years out of date - but it really didn't matter. There's something about Smith as a raconteur that means he can get away with it.

The risk though, is that like that old jumper, the charm starts wearing thin.

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