Review: Andy Parsons

The opening of Andy Parson's Gruntled set sees him list the various press descriptions that he has received over the years - most revolve around likening his face to various foodstuffs. But at the Norwich Playhouse last night he most resembled a sedated terrier – on the verge of a fierce attack but never quite summoning up the energy to bite home hard.

Perhaps it was a memory of the general anaesthetics that he endured during the various operations he chronicles in a part-confessional section of the routine, although most of his act is political or observational.

The trouble is he never quite achieves the ranty anger of a Mark Thomas or manages the sharp and surreal twists of his Mock The Week co-star Dara O'Briain.

Parsons is undeniably funny and deserves this three-night sell out run, but this a comedy of a gentler pace. The audience never quite seemed to lean forward, eager for the next joke.

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