Review and video: Eight unmissable music releases this September


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Music fanatic Alex Flood looks at the biggest new music releases coming up in September 2014.

• Death from Above 1979 – 'The Physical World' – September 9

Having already endured in their early years most of the defining events of a bands lifetime, (a messy breakup, a critically acclaimed debut album and a reunion tour), Death from Above 1979 are finally ready to release the follow-up to 2004s 'You're a Woman, I'm a Machine' this September. Pre-released singles 'Trainwreck 1979' and 'Government Trash' have succeeded in whipping up the furore around the Canadian dance-punk duo to an even higher level than was thought possible. Both show promise for an eclectic record of gritty, grinding guitars and taut, snapping vocals ready to match anything heard previously from the pair.

• Karen O – 'Crush Songs' – September 9

Karen O has enjoyed fourteen years of acclaim as the lead singer of indie band, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, masquerading triumphantly as the debauched princess of alternative rock; but 2014 will finally see the emergence of something that has long been in the pipeline, her debut solo album. The 35-year old, South Korean born American has set an early September release date for the album, entitled 'Crush Songs', with 21 intimate dates announced at venues all around the world for performances of the tracks prior to release.

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• Tennis – 'Ritual in Repeat' – September 9

It's undeniable that Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley's musical journey has somewhat of a fairy-tale air to it. From their first meeting at college whilst studying Philosophy, to their marriage shortly after graduating, and their subsequent release of their first album of indie, surf-pop in 2011. 'Cape Dory', inspired by the couple's preceding seven month sailing expedition down the East coast of America, was a critical hit, and led to the release of sophomore effort, 'Young and Old', in 2012 on Forest Family Records. September 9 will see the release of the duo's third record, 'Ritual in Repeat'. Reprising the nostalgic theme of its predecessor seems a natural decision, as does the return of the Black Keys' Patrick Carney to production duties, and further relevance seems assured in 2014.

• Alt-J – 'This Is All Yours' – September 22

The return of the mercury-prize winning four-piece from Leeds has been made an even more intriguing prospect by the fact that they are, now, a trio, thanks to the departure of guitarist/bassist and founding member, Gwil Sainsbury, from the band in January of this year. Second album, 'This Is All Yours', was recorded in April at the same studios (Iguana, London) as acclaimed debut 'An Awesome Wave', seemingly suggesting that the band are seeking to recapture the same energy that drove them to make one of the most extraordinary records of 2012. The first three singles from the forthcoming effort, 'Hunger of the Pine', 'Left Hand Free' and 'Every Other Freckle', have already been released to overall positive reviews, receiving frequent airplay on BBC Radio One.

• Goat – 'Commune' – September 23

Hailed as one of the best releases of 2012, 'World Music', the debut album from Swedish acid-rockers, Goat, will be tough to top for the band. 'Commune' is the name of the record that this musical collective have produced as a follow-up, and a late summer release seems perfect for a band whose major influences (Afrobeat and Indian raga) hail from much warmer climates than their native land in Scandinavia. Coming off an almost non-stop two year tour in support of 'World Music', the band have had plenty of opportunities to develop their sound further, and 'Commune' promises to be both a worthy successor and an interesting progression on familiar motifs.

• Nehruvian Doom (MF Doom and Bishop Nehru) – 'Nehruvian Doom' – September 23

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated hip hop album in recent history, 'Nehruvian Doom' is the collaboration project of young buck, Bishop Nehru, and the critical darling of the urban press, MF Doom. Nehru, who started life as a street-rat come rap battle king from the streets of New York, has forced his way to the forefront of the hip hop scene with a brilliantly produced and executed EP of minimalist percussive rattlings and strongly politicised snapping, biting wordplay. Doom is mostly known for his seminal work with Danger Mouse, under the moniker Danger Doom, and his 2004 collaboration with electronic producer Madlib, 'Madvillainy', touted in certain circles as the best experimental hip hop album of the new millennium. Pre-released tracks, 'Darkness' and 'Om', have increased the hysteria surrounding the September 23 release of 'Nehruvian Doom' to near pandemonium. Could fans bear any disappointment?

• Jamie T – 'Carry on the Grudge' – September 29

Returning from a sudden and total reclusion from musical activity of five years, Jamie Treays (alias Jamie T) is releasing his third full length album of guttersnipe punk-folk rock 'n' roll at the end of September. Nicknamed 'the one man Arctic Monkey' in his short stint at the top of the charts, Jamie T has also announced a full UK tour in support of 'Carry on the Grudge' for 2014. Whatever the result of his re-emergence this year, he won't be short of attention from eager fans and critics alike.

• Prince – 'Art Official Age' & 'Plectrum Electrum' (with 3rdEyeGirl) – September 30

The bewildering conundrum that is Prince has once more exceeded expectations with the announcement that foregoing the standard procedure of releasing one album at a time, he will release two, on the same day. 'Art Official Age' is the forthcoming solo record from 'the Purple One', whilst 'Plectrum Electrum' is his next collaboration with girl vocal group 3rdEyeGirl. Having spent much of 2014 wowing crowds with incendiary live shows of unimaginable scope and excess, Prince seems set to headline Glastonbury 2015, if rumours are to be believed, and with two more full length records in the bag, the next twelve months would seem to hold more of the same from this crazy-haired artiste. Roll on 2015!

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