Review: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Alan Partridge gives the Norwich premiere of his new film the thumbs up. Picture: Steve Adams

Alan Partridge gives the Norwich premiere of his new film the thumbs up. Picture: Steve Adams

Until a few short weeks ago I didn't know much about Alan Partridge, apart from the predictable jokes that came with telling people outside our county where I was from. 'Oh you're from Norwich – do you know Alan Partridge?'

But when it was revealed the premiere was coming to Norwich I started doing my homework and took the Partridge box set home to read up on Partridge jokes and inappropriate humour.

In the film, what became clear in the first few minutes is that Partridge on the silver screen is funny. Very funny. Every scene was filled with politically incorrect jokes and Partridgeisms – with a stellar support cast. My favourite, Alan's long-suffering assistant Lynn, who in reference to his views on self-service machines in supermarkets, said: 'He doesn't like being told what to do by automated women in machines.' Classic Partridge.

The film's reference to local landmarks and hang-outs was brilliant – in Norwich, watching Alan run past City Hall, or drive past the Forum made it feel as if our city is somehow in on the joke. Sights such as Cromer Pier heralded cheers from the audience at yesterday's premiere, along with Radio Norwich's yellow bus causing delays down the A149.

But although Alan calls the film 'a love letter to Norwich,' it has something for everyone – those inside Nelson's county and out. It was heartwarming to see Alan's classic self-confidence prevail throughout the film's hostage siege. He said: 'I will be the biggest thing to come out of Norwich since Nelson... or Trisha.'

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People who grew up on Partridge and know the series inside out will enjoy seeing more of their favourite character, and 'Partridge nobodies' will love the humour, comic action and painfully funny scenes which left me laughing long after the film had finished.

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