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Everyone loves a big musical and this one ticks all the right boxes. A cheesy storyline, fab dance routines, sassy songs, a couple of trusted leading lights and an up and coming youngster.

Yep, there is all this and more. 42nd Street is up there with the big boys as one of the most popular musicals around and it makes another welcome visit to the fine city

It has a good big cast, a 15-strong orchestra, dazzling costumes and a relentless pace – I was exhausted just watching it!

There are plenty of quality tap routines, lots of sequins plus the broadest smiles I've seen in a long time so it is the perfect feel good production.

It tells that classic tale of the chorus girl, Peggy Sawyer, played by a very energetic Jessica Punch, who gets plucked from the obscurity of the chorus line to star in an all singing, all dancing Broadway show called Pretty Lady.

She takes over from the ageing star Dorothy Brock, played with real panache by Marti Webb, and is inspired, even bullied, by the show's producer Julian Marsh, played by Dave Willetts, who has a wonderful voice which we could have heard more of.

Will the na�ve Peggy triumph? Well, that would be telling but I reckon you can guess the ending!

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Although set in the 1930s, with X Factor back on the telly in a big way, the message remains the same – fame costs and right here is where you pay. We all love it when the underdog succeeds so this show touches the heart of most.

Look out for some well known tunes – Lullaby of Broadway, We're in the Money and, of course, the signature 42nd Street which, for my money, is the best number of the show by far.

It's fast and furious – and funny, too. There are some good one liners so, as you marvel at the footwork, you'll be giggling, too. And, be warned, you'll be looking out for tap dancing classes so you can recreate your own Broadway routine.

42nd Street continues until Saturday. Call 01603 630000 for more.

Sarah Hardy

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