Reginald D Hunter

Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse

The most I knew about this controversial stand-up was a popular myth that his posters had been banned on the London underground because they had too much racist content.

Which is pretty shameful, really, as it turns out he has performed in Norwich before, at the Unthank Arms - practically my local.

Hunter's comedy is observational.

His main interest is the kind of tacit deals we do with one another that allow us to be mistreated.

If you make no comment when your husband slaps you, then you have

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created a pact in exactly the same way as a slave who allows his master to whip him... It sounds strong stuff when written down, but it flowed easily enough over the ear with this raconteur's skill in pace and timing.

But it was interesting that, although the act centred on race, he didn't understand some of the differences between us Brits and the Americans (by his own admission).

This led him down one or two comedy cul-de-sacs.

That said, any man who bothers to see through the bluster ultimately gets my vote.

As for controversial, I leave you with the words of the man himself:

“Doesn't it occur to you I might be joking?”

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