Norwich contestant Reanne makes explosive exit from The Bachelor UK

Reanne Brown on The Bachelor UK Credit: Channel 5

Reanne Brown on The Bachelor UK Credit: Channel 5 - Credit: Archant

Reanne Brown, a model and actress from Norwich, dramatically left the dating show on Tuesday night's episode after a wedding task made her doubt if bachelor Alex fancied her.

Miss Brown, aged 28 from Costessey, decided to leave The Bachelor UK as she was convinced he had a stronger connection with other girls.

The hit Channel 5 reality show, which is presented by former The Only Way is Essex star Mark Wright, follows 17 girls looking for love with singleton Alex Marks, who is a 31-year-old personal trainer from London.

On the latest episode, which was the last one in South Africa before filming returned to the UK, the girls were asked to pick a wedding dress and then pose for pictures with Alex.

Miss Brown, who got divorced two years ago, was last to pose with Alex and afterwards in a piece to camera he said that of all the girls Reanne had taken his breath away and he was drawn to her face and eyes.

Reanne Brown and Alex Marks on The Bachelor UK Credit: Channel 5

Reanne Brown and Alex Marks on The Bachelor UK Credit: Channel 5 - Credit: Archant

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However, she didn't hear what he said about her and when the task was over she asked to speak to him in private.

She admitted that she couldn't take part in the show anymore as she had promised herself that she would only be with someone that was sure about her.

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After Alex failed to reassure her she broke down in tears and stormed out whilst producers tried to comfort her.

Miss Brown said: 'I just thought he had a strong connection with other girls and there was not much point in me staying after that challenge but it was difficult for me to watch last night hearing all the nice things he said about me.

The Bachelor UK Credit: The Bachelor/Channel 5

The Bachelor UK Credit: The Bachelor/Channel 5 - Credit: Archant

'I was genuinely looking to find love on the show and hadn't really been dating before I went on it so I took a leap of faith to see if I could meet someone.

'I wanted some reassurance that he was interested but he could barely look at me and the fact he got up was a clear sign to me.

'I'm not mad at him, he can't help who he likes, but I did fancy Alex and I thought we had a deep connection.

'I'm glad I took part as it was such an overwhelming experience and I learnt a lot about myself and found really good friends with the girls but I wouldn't do a dating show again.'

Miss Brown is an actress and model and has studied musical theatre and performed all over the world for the last 10 years including Disney cruise ships and at Universal Studios in Florida as Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo.

Following her divorce, Reanne moved back from America, where she lived her husband, to Norwich in early 2018 to be closer to her family.

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