Picture quiz: How much do you know about Norwich clocks?

Norwich City history quiz on clocks. Dipples Jewellers clock in Swan Lane. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

4 What is the name of the street beneath the Dipples clock? A) Swan Street b) Clock Lane c) Swan Lane Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2021

Generations of Norwich people have got to appointments, work and church on time thanks to the city's collection of clocks. 

In normal times Jonathan Hooton leads walking tours through the city, including one focusing on clocks.

Now he has put together this great quiz.

His interests in the clocks of Norwich began as a project for the Norwich Society.

A retired teacher, and current chairman of the Association of City of Norwich Tourist Guides, Jonathan explained: “I was cycling through the city wondering if I would be late for an appointment.

"My watch was hidden under a jacket sleeve and I did not feel I had the time to stop and look at my phone so I began to look for clocks to check the time.

"The topic became fascinating the more I looked into it and I decided to turn it into a guided tour for the Norwich Society and then the Tourist Information Centre.  

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"It has now also become a talk, recorded for the Norwich Society's Historians Group.” 

So how much do you know about the clocks on buildings across the city?  

How did you do? 

0-4 Time to book a Norwich history tour with the Tourist Information Centre when they resume. 

5-7 Time for congratulations – this is a tough quiz. 

8-11 Time to celebrate reaching genius O’clock. 

Read on for more information about the answers. And for lots more about historic Norwich, with an expert guide, book one of the Tourist Information Centre’s walks when they resume.   

1 Great George is the name of the City Hall clock's bell. It was named after King George VI who opened Norwich City Hall in 1938.  

2 The motto of the Howard family, the Dukes of Norfolk, is at the bottom of the Guildhall clock dial. Sola Virtus Invicta means bravery alone is invincible. 

3 Norfolk House in Exchange Street is modelled on the town hall in Halmstad, Sweden.  

4  Dipples is a fifth generation local family business which originally started in Woodford in Essex, moving first to Ipswich and then to Norwich in 1894.  

5  WR Bullen has been trading from the heart of the Norwich Lanes for more than 130 years, and from London Street since 1898. 

6 Other city churches with sundials include St Peter Mancroft, St John Maddermarket, the Old Meeting House, Colegate, and one on a pedestal in the grounds of the Roman Catholic Cathedral.  

7 Frances House was once the offices of the Norwich Post, England’s first provincial newspaper.  

8 William Redgrave Bullen made a new mechanism for the St Michael at Plea "forget me not" clock in 1889, repainted the dial plate a deep chocolate colour and re-gilded the hands and figures.  

9 A minute hand was added to the St George Tombland clock in 1847, shortly after the railway came to Norwich and people needed to know the time more accurately in order to catch trains.  

10 Another war memorial clock was erected at the Laurence Scott & Co Gothic Works on Hardy Road in memory of employees who lost their lives in the First World War.  

11 Norwich Cathedral's double-sided clock was part of an 1830 restoration. The Cathedral once had one of the earliest clocks in Europe, installed in 1273.  

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