Postmodern Jukebox review: An eclectic mix of vintage and modern

Postmodern Jukebox performing at UEA's Nick Rayns LCR. Picture: Daniel Garnham

Postmodern Jukebox performing at UEA's Nick Rayns LCR. Picture: Daniel Garnham - Credit: Archant

For those that don't know Postmodern Jukebox is a collective of musicians which performs vintage covers of modern day pop and rock hits.

Put together by pianist and arranger Scott Bradlee and with more than 70 contributors throughout its history it makes for an eclectic show.

The group starts out their Norwich set with Michael Jackson's Thriller, complete with tap dancing, and then swings into second gear with You Give Love a Bad Name and Single Ladies.

While by no means a huge venue the Nick Rayns LCR at UEA feels too big for the gig. Rather than standing in a crowd it feels as if you should be sitting at a table in a dingy basement jazz club somewhere in New York.

It is particularly noticeable towards the back where the sound doesn't quite seem to carry.

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Perhaps that is why some of the best moments of the evening come from the quieter tracks with the audience forced into captivated silence. These including stripped down covers of Radiohead's No Surprises and Creep and a surprisingly good acapella version of Miley Cyrus's We Can't Stop.

There is also a Harry Potter Tap Dancing Medley, a phrase I never thought I would write, before it all comes to an end with an upbeat cover of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off.

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All in all Postmodern Jukebox makes for a fun evening and offers something a bit different to most.

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