Picture Hooks and Castors, Wroxham

MICHAEL DRAKE Antique display cabinets, Lowestoft porcelain and a Sheraton sewing box (modestly priced at £24,000) are featured in this exhibition.


It was difficult to resist viewing what was on offer under the delightful title of Picture Hooks and Castors in such congenial surroundings from furniture and ceramics expert Spencer Brooke and his graphic designer wife Ruth Lowe.

There is much to admire downstairs at The Grange Gallery, Wroxham, both in the beautiful antique display cabinets and on the floor. Brightly coloured Lowestoft porcelain shines from one corner vying for the eye with an 18th century English half-moon satinwood card table, some unusual black and terracotta Wedgwood pieces and a modestly priced Sheraton sewing box.

And while a price tag of £24,000 takes it out of reach of most, an absolutely stunning, inlaid bonheur-du-jour by John Cobb is just worth looking at.

Upstairs, work by East Anglian artists – not all professionals – fills the walls. The visitors can walk down Kay Ohsten's village streets in Provence, so alive are they, take in the skies and light of Margaret Glass's pastels and be amused by Peter Jamieson's Royal Ascot charcoals. Michael Coulter's Angels and Shepherds seems totally relevant to today, while his birds never take their eyes off the viewer. Stone sculptures by Laurence Broderick have a natural feel to them and Ross Newman's steel Mistral has a wondrous movement.

This exhibition is on view (excluding Christmas and New Year weeks) until January 26 and well worth a relaxing hour.

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