Overstrand glass art celebrates Olympics

Game playing and the ups and downs of life is the theme of a thought-provoking collection of glass art on show in Overstrand this month.

Blown, fused, moulded and cast glass works in every shape and colour imaginable have been created by contemporary artists from England, Ireland and Germany.

They will be displayed in The Belfry Arts Centre in Cromer Road from August 6 to 20, where sunlight flooding through the tall windows of the former village primary school can illuminate the individual pieces to stunning effect.

The exhibition, entitled Snakes and Ladders or The Games People Play, is part of the Contemporary Glass Society's national Glass Games and is one of a series of different events being held across the country to celebrate the London Olympics.

The centrepiece of the Glass Games is a colourful glass baton, which will mimic the Olympic torch by visiting seven of the more than 70 workshops, exhibitions and events throughout the UK.

Glass artist Nora Gaston, The Belfry Arts Centre artistic director, said: 'Artist have interpreted the theme of our specific exhibition in different ways. Some people have been quite literal and others have been more philosophical.

'One artist has created a game of marbles based on a game she saw scratched in to a wall during a visit to Rome. She thought it was an ancient game played by ancient people and felt that we have lost some of that innocence and fun in games now.

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'David Reekie is one of the most famous glass artists in the exhibition and his interpretation is really interesting. It talks about people becoming robot like and having to conform and that we need more freedom.'

Mrs Gaston plans to make a glass game for people to play with during the exhibition. She encouraged people of all ages to attend.

'Children can take it at face value and their parents can read a bit more in to it,' she said. 'It is important to me that people can enjoy it so I don't mind if my work gets broken, I can make another one.'

Open back glass casting workshops will take place on August 16, 17 and 18 from 10am to 4pm. There will also be a fused glass workshop on August 4 from 10am to 3pm. Call 01263 576437 or visit belfryarts.co.uk for more details.

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