Waterfront, Norwich

Waterfront, Norwich

Being labelled the best new band of 2006 must be quite a burden to carry, but last night Orson didn't seem to mind.

Bassist Jonny Lonely leaps around like a Viagra-fuelled grasshopper, defying gravity for longer than seems entirely natural.

Apparently standing at the back with your arms folded is not at all the done thing at an Orson gig, but the sold-out young crowd didn't disappoint.

It really is, as the band likes to say, “rock and roll that girls can dance to,” and as for the boys, well, they tried.

The biggest excitement of the night came from the new single, Bright Idea, a rocking hands-in-the-air number, which was followed by a slower ditty that had lighters aloft as if the 80s never ended.

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Relationship issues are lyrical gold as far as this band is concerned, but Alanis Morissette it thankfully aint.

Orson sort of defy boundaries - not quite pop, not quite rock; from Hollywood, but much bigger in Britain; and not quite sure whether they are pop stars yet.

Judging by last night, the answer is yes - and if you can get to their gig in Cambridge tonight, you will find out.

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