Norwich 20 Group Exhibition

Bally Shoe Factory, Hall Road, Norwich

> Bally Shoe Factory, Hall Road, Norwich

This exhibition marks the 60th Anniversary of the Norwich 20 Group, who coincidentally now have 60 members working in a wide variety of media and engaging with a multitude of artistic concerns.

I admired Andrew Campbell's absorbing surfaces complete with precariously placed signature buildings, and John Riches' textural beach sand diptych.

The satisfying simplicity of Mike Toll's sculpture Sawline and the primitively raw yet beguiling offerings from Frank Pond also caught my attention.

Nell Close offers a cheery rendition of a cityscape, comprising tower blocks wrought together with lollipop-style traffic lights, and the funky dogwood floor sculptures exhibited by Barbara Leaney would make a great talking point in any contemporary space.

I'm not a fan of portraiture

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per se, but the degree with which Peter Baldwin captures the quintessence of his characters in Market Traders is laudable, as is Michael Checketts' observation London Train which records a minutiae of detail on a courageous scale.

As ever there is a lot of pap, mediocre watercolours and portraits unworthy of a pass at GCSE, plus some nonsensical bowls of fluff that nobody had the audacity to put their name to!

Tony Mabbutt tries to impress with a Summer Horizon on seven canvases when one would have more than sufficed, and even a fancy French title fails to prevent Ann-Mari Stevens Les Oiseaux de Feu from looking like an offering from a kindergarten.

I was further disappointed with the latest work by Polly Cruz which, incorporating a toy boat, I think is drifting perilously awry in the waters of the 'ready made'.

However, be sure to persevere to the final room if only to experience Chedgey's illusionary ocular experience.

t The show continues until Sunday June 26.