Get ready for an out of this world bingo experience

Figs in Wigs on stage

Join Figs in Wigs for Astrology Bingo as part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival on May 23 and 24 - Credit: Figs in Wigs

Get your bingo dabber at the ready and join Figs in Wigs for Astrology Bingo – the universe’s first ever cosmic game show for astrology lovers, bingo wingers and their sceptic friends. 

You’ll be counting your lucky stars at Astrology Bingo, because this unique game will be based on your own astrological chart!  

Part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Astrology Bingo takes place on May 23 and 24 in the Adnams Spiegeltent at Chapelfield Gardens in Norwich, and will see each player given a tailor-made bingo card generated from their personal natal horoscope.  

Don’t know your Uranus from your elbow? Never fear, the team behind Astrology Bingo will determine your chart for you, all you need to know is your birth date, time and location. 

Rachel Porter Fig, one of the founding members of Figs in Wigs, said: “Figs in Wigs accidentally got obsessed with astrology back in 2018 when we hired an astrologer to give us a group reading as research for a show. We all got copies of our natal chart which explained where all the planets were at the moment of your birth and that while my Pisces sun means I have an unbearably messy bedroom floor, my moon in Virgo means the inside of my sock drawer is always immaculate.  

“Figs in Wigs have always had a penchant for bingo and we thought what better way to combine these two loves but with an astrology-themed bingo night where players use their own birth chart as their bingo card.  

“We’re not sure if astrology is 100pc real, but it’s most definitely 100pc fun. I am especially excited to bring Astrology Bingo to the Norfolk & Norwich Festival because I am Norwich born and bred! In fact, I was born at home, on Rupert Street, just a stone's throw from Chapelfield Gardens where we’ll be performing - my Uranus was in Capricorn, my Pluto in Scorpio and my mother in labour.  

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“Hope to see you at the show where you can find out where Uranus was when you were born. 

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