Nimmo Twins - Norman For Norfolk 1-9

Norfolk & Norwich Festival event at Norwich Playhouse

> Norwich Playhouse

The festival opens with this much-loved duo, Karl Minns and Owen Evans, who delight in mocking the Fine City and its inhabitants - from council estate girls to our Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion.

This show sees the best of all the material they've amassed over the last 10 years, so it's a great trip down Memory Lane as we revisit classic sketches such as the Lions from City Hall, Tony Martin's version of Summer Nights and a very rude song about the Beeb weather girl, Julie Reinger.

I had to leave before the end as the pair was heading for what looked like a record three-hour show, as they seemed determined to squeeze in every favourite piece.

Everything was conducted at their usual breakneck speed and it was difficult to catch everything they said.

Minns, the show's writer, recently signed to top comedy promoter Avalon so the team's future is under some doubt.

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But, judging from the reaction of last night's audience, they won't be allowed to disappear. Norfolk needs them to inject a much-needed bit of self-depreciation into our lives as we can take things a bit too seriously here in the east.

And, oh yes, they are so very clever and wonderfully funny. Miss them and you miss out.

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