Nimmo Twins - Normal For Norfolk 10



> Norwich Playhouse

I was slightly apprehensive before going to see the Nimmo Twins. They'd been so praised to the skies by friends (I'd not seen them before), that I was worried they might not live up to the hype.

But having spent 90 minutes laughing my socks off I can assure you that yes, they are as good as people tell you. If you think Karl Minns is just amusing in the pages of the Evening News, he's a comedy delight on stage (albeit somewhat ruder).

Sadly there is no actual topless mardling, but you do get a series of sketches and songs looking at everything from turning City Hall into a romantic hotel to the nightmare of living next door to Lotto Lout Michael Carroll.

My favourite, though, had to be the skit about Nelson and the injury compensation lawyers. Very un-PC, but far wittier than anything that Little Britain is coming up with at the moment.

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Norwich City come in for a fair bit of stick throughout the evening (is that art imitating life or the other way round?) and there are plenty of cheeky references to everyone's favourite Anglia and BBC presenters. Plus everyone's favourite, She Go, gives her opinions on Christmas.

I'll never look at people from Mulbarton in the same way again, but all in all, a great night out. Recommend them to your family and friends.

t Normal For Norfolk 10: Topless Mardling runs at the Playhouse until Friday, December 23 (not Sundays). Box office: (01603) 598598.