UEA LCR, Norwich

> UEA LCR, Norwich

It's not often you get the chance to see a genuine rock legend at the LCR, but Motorhead frontman Lemmy – 55 but seemingly indestructible – certainly fitted the bill last night.

Announcing his presence with the simple “we are Motorhead, we play rock and roll”, only one more word was needed to define his act. They play LOUD rock and roll.

New song Killers, taken from recent album Inferno, gave the first hint of their ability to squeeze every last decibel from the speakers, as guitarist Philip Campbell unleashed a deafening volley of piercing riffs.

It was the classic Love Me Like a Reptile, however, that truly ripped into the crowd, the duelling guitars of Lemmy and Campbell pushing both the sound system and the audience to their limits. Once this level was reached, it was maintained through-out the set, as metal classics like Bomber, Jumpin' Jack Flash and the fantastically named Killed by Death competed to deafen the audience with squalling solos, thunderous bass lines and drumming that verged on possessed.

Brief respite came in genial conversation with the crowd and a chance to enter the loudest audience ever competition (we came third apparently), but these only served to intensify the relentless bursts of uncool, unapologetic and unrelenting heavy metal. I may never hear again, but it was worth it.

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