Moscow State Circus

Norfolk Showground

With the circus in town, it's time to put away that 21st century cynicism and allow yourself to be transported back to a world of more innocent entertainment.

I might be wearing the world's largest pair of rose-tinted spectacles, but I can't help feeling that this is exactly the sort of show we need more of in an age where our children are more likely to sprain their fingers playing computer games than graze their knees falling out of trees. The Moscow State Circus follows very much the traditional format — death-defying high-wire acts, brilliant tumblers, agile acrobats and a jaw-dropping strongman.

Any good circus needs good clowns, and this show has two top-notch performers in Igor and Andrey. The clowns are the glue holding the show together as the complicated inter-act changes are made.

Rigorous slapstick with plenty of audience participation, they're great fun. Reassuringly, their costumes come with the requisite ludicrously big shoes (which always puts me in mind of my friend Sam) and red noses. No collapsing car though.

The only nod to modernism comes in the strongman act, where we are asked to cheer ''his healthy lifestyle of no alcohol, no cigarettes and a vegetarian diet'' (I booed). Mind, if that means you can dangle 100 kilos from your teeth, I think I'll stick to the beer and fags.

Put the Playstation away and head for the big top. Great for children of all ages.

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t The Moscow State Circus is at the Norfolk Showground. Performances at 5pm and 8pm until Friday March 19, and 2pm and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday March 20 and 21. Tickets from the showground box office or call the ticket hotline on 07030 150150.

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