Milk Wood full of character

Under Milk Wood @ West Acre River Studios

Under Milk Wood @ West Acre River Studios


Dylan Thomas's play for voices has become a classic which was given equally classic treatment at West Acre.

Andy Naylor's direction ensured the voices reigned supreme and there were no distractions from the writer's intentions – he penned the work as a radio play.

Nine voices portrayed the host of characters who inhabit the small Welsh fishing village of Thomas's imagination. They captured the audience's imagination to create an intimate picture of the community.

An atmospheric backdrop combined with simple but effective lighting and complementary sound effects were well suited to the surroundings.

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With echoes of Donald Houston and Richard Burton, narrator Paul Gregory took on the huge responsibility of his role well supported by the second voice Irma Fowler.

Captain Cat, Polly Garter, Nogood Boyo, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard and the Rev Eli Jenkins were among 60 colourful characters played with great effect by Mike Breen, Cella Dupont, Vanessa Dupont, Richard Kerkham, Lesley Mardle, Richard Morgan and Leah Spencer.

They fully exploited the humour and warmth encapsulated in the words to provide a very special theatrical experience.

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