Michael Aubrey

Bren Nicholson Gallery at Gresham's School, Holt

Question: How can you enjoy a ride on a gondola, big game hunting in South Africa, shopping in a Far Eastern market or cruising down the Nile in a felucca? Answer: Visit Michael Aubrey's exhibition of vibrant watercolours at the Ben Nicholson Gallery at Gresham's School, Holt.

If the range of Michael Aubrey's subjects is wide, so too is the variety of his watercolour styles. Some of his earlier work, represented here by his delicate watercolour of Fulmodestone Church, belongs to a familiar watercolour tradition of big skies and clouds. But here are also pictures where the colour is laid on with the strength of oils.

Gondoliers punt down Venetian canals which take on the brilliant colours of sunlit reflections; rich red pomegranates shine out against blue and white plates.

Michael Aubrey's exhibition contains exotic locations such as Venice and the Far East and spectacular themes such as lions hiding menacingly in the African grass.

However, it is also full of the drama of the every day – a cheerful butcher hands over a chop to his satisfied customer, a conductor is poised just above an expectant orchestra, a Norfolk sitting room is suddenly flooded with sunlight.

There is something for everyone in this remarkable exhibition. Buildings and places are important to the artist but it is the human drama that catches his eye. Above all, perhaps, it is Michael Aubrey's feeling for radiant colour that makes this exhibition a sheer delight.

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t The exhibition is open Mondays to Saturdays until May 21.