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Mark Thomas describes himself as a comic with journalistic tendencies. But when you listen to the stunts he pulls, this definition doesn't seem adequate.

There's nothing observational about the way Thomas intercedes on the world political scene. This time, he actually managed to get a large number of arms dealers on to a bus under false pretences, and then asked them for money to cover the Iraqi debt. How frightening would that be? Not only did they not stun him with electro-shock batons, but they also coughed up.

Even if it was only £10.50.

This story was a focal point of the act, and exposed him as the crusader we all know him to be.

Rob Newman is also on a mission: to explode the myths about the Iraq war.

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He put the whole issue in a bit of historical context and then strung in a guitar and a tiny banjo to show just how wrong the West is in assuming cultural dominance.

Even famous rock songs may have Eastern influences. Next time, listen closely to Rock Around the Clock.

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