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From the moment the glittering costumes shimmered across the stage in the opening act of Mame, the audience was captivated.

Dereham Operatic Society whisked us back to a 1920s New York bubbling over with glitz, glamour, booze and girls.

A superb set, brilliant costumes and the enthusiasm of the cast could not help but draw you into the party, leaving your toes tapping and your funny bone well and truly tickled.

Jill Everett delivers an outstanding performance as Auntie Mame, a New York socialite who inherits a young nephew called Patrick.

She is the queen of the ball and you love her, whether it is for getting the party going with a bang, being a tender mother figure to Patrick or simply as the crestfallen underdog when she is facing poverty.

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Ryan Goodge is a loveable and charming Patrick, performing with a level of talent and maturity far beyond his years.

Also, the on-stage dynamic between him and his Auntie Mame is magical.

Pat Tabor does an excellent job as Mame's drunken celebrity companion, Vera Charles, and Linda Campbell plays the sheltered but highly entertaining Agnes Gooch fantastically.

Nick Bird plays Mame's butler, Ito, who, by about 15 minutes into the action, cannot even walk across the stage without making you laugh, let alone when he delivers his lines.

The cast and chorus are littered with gems of talent that shine like stars at their given moments.

The musical is both touching and human but also highly amusing, at points leaving the audience crying with laughter long after the scene is finished.

The songs are catchy and the front-of-house orchestra did not so much as miss a beat throughout the entire performance.

Mame has not been shown in the West End since the 1980s, a shame because it is a wonderful story. This production sparkles from start to finish.

t The show continues at Dereham Memorial Hall nightly at 7.30pm until Saturday, October 16. There is also a 2.30pm matinee on Saturday. The box office is at Hallmark, 12 Nelson Place, Dereham. Call 01362 851919.

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