Making Faces

The Forum, Norwich

The Forum, Norwich

Art and science combine to striking effect in a free exhibition at The Forum, Norwich, this month.

Featuring installations by contemporary artists, Making Faces explores the profound questions that arise when contemplating what is often taken for granted - the human face.

Part of the BA Festival of Science, the exhibition also demonstrates the artistic possibilities afforded by the latest imaging technology.

On entering the display area you are confronted by the disembodied head of Charles Clarke. A sculpture in bronze by Neal French, its creation is documented in a 4-D project, which allows the viewer to examine the artistic process through an interactive touch screen.

Characteristic of the exhibition as a whole in its involving, accessible approach, the project draws parallels between artistic and biological creation.

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Similarly thought-provoking is Keith Piper's installation, which is a response to racist theories of evolution espoused in the 19th century. In a glass case, a “body”' lies with its head covered above text and illustrations from antiquated scientific works.

Constantly changing images of faces and skulls flicker across a screen at one end. Hypnotic and austere, the piece is a brutally effective indictment of spurious learning.

Running until the end of September, Making Faces is a stimulating experience that might just make you consider the world anew.

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